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    • July 22, 2012 6:26:33 PM EDT
    • Judson Jones

      It is with sadness that I would like to inform all of you that Judson Jones passed on this morning after a hard fought battle with cancer.


      My thoughts are with Joyce Les D i c k and their mother.

      Jud was a great man and the Judson family will continue with Judson's belief in the importance of integrity and standing up for what's right.

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    • July 22, 2012 8:35:58 PM EDT
    • Judson Jones

      He was one of the true pioneers in our industry. I enjoyed having a few chats with him at Connections talking about the "early days." My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

    • July 22, 2012 9:55:15 PM EDT
    • Judson Jones

      I am very sad to hear this news. As Doyle said, Jud was one of the true pioneers of our industry. I too enjoyed conversations with Jud waxing nostalgic and laughing historically at some of his stories of the early daysof carpet cleaning.

      Les, Joyce and the Jones family are in my thoughts and prayers,

    • July 23, 2012 10:44:15 AM EDT
    • Judson Jones

      "pioneer" is a fitting term for Judson. Innovator is another description that comes to mind. His knowledge of vacuum systems had a lot to do with the development of early truckmounted carpet cleaning equipment. My first truckmount 30 years ago was a Judson. He will be missed.

      My thought are with his family.

      Scott Warrington

    • July 25, 2012 2:43:21 PM EDT
    • Judson Jones

      Wow. Very sad to hear this. I got to meet him once in Nashville. Very nice and knowledgeable man, of course. And still full of "pl$$ and vinegar" at his age, which is very good, IMO.

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    • July 29, 2012 8:29:33 PM EDT
    • Judson Jones


      It all started when Judson wanted his wall-to-wall carpet cleaned in 1959. A carpet
      cleaning company came to shampoo the carpet. When they loaded the equipment he
      asked, “Where did the dirt go?” He realized that the dirt was still in the carpet. He then
      went and got a Black & Decker wet vac, the most powerful vacuum at the time and
      designed a special cleaning attachment for it. This attachment is what is known today as
      the wand, which he had patented. His next step was to connect the wand to the wet vac
      and a water supply with a pressure pump. This system was patented as the Deep Clean
      System DC1 electric extraction system.

      Judson was contacted by Monsanto who had just recently invented Astroturf artificial
      surfaces for football fields. At this time the only method for cleaning the football fields
      was the old shampoo method which left a slippery soap residue.
      Judson designed a gasoline powered extraction system that consisted of a 4’ wide wand
      that was self-propelled, had a propane water heating system, and a high pressure pump
      system. This unit used a #8 Sutorbilt blower that was powered with a 350 Chevrolet
      engine. Monsanto used the system to maintain their football fields. This system was
      issued a patent. This cleaning system is what is known as the truck mount in today’s

      This system was a direct drive truck mount and to this day is the world’s most powerful
      truck mount that has ever been developed.

      Through the years, Judson has developed many firsts for the industry, including a hybrid
      truck mount that consisted of an electric motor and a gas engine.
      Roger Milliken, of Milliken Textile Industries, contacted Judson concerning the air
      quality in the facilities that manufacture yarn. The environment was contaminated with
      airborne dust from the production machinery. This dust was causing defects in the end
      product, but more importantly it was causing brown lung disease.
      Judson developed a centralized vacuum system consisting of a positive displacement
      blower, which is the same blower that is used on truck mounts.

      Judson patented this system and it solved the problem for the textile industry. This
      vacuum system was installed in all of the major textile plants throughout the southeast.
      This then let to a contract with the U. S. Postal Service in the mail processing facilities.
      Again there were air quality problems from breathing paper dust that was causing a form
      of brown lung disease. The dust would also cause premature bearing failure in the
      processing machines. They installed central vacuums to eliminate the air hose.

      About 4 years after they started installing the vacuum systems, the Post Office had an anthrax
      attack. Judson developed an inline separator for the vacuum system that would
      decontaminate anthrax.

      Judson made a lot of acquaintances in the industry, through the years. One relationship
      he developed was with Ed York. At the time Ed lived in Fresno, California and would
      visit Judson in Greenville, South Carolina. Ed then moved to Greenville, along with the
      SCT headquarters. Judson, being a graduate of Clemson University which is a textile
      college, was able to introduce Ed to the carpet manufacturing side of the industry.

      Another relationship that Judson developed in this industry was with Ken Hines of
      Sunbelt USA in Raleigh, North Carolina. Judson has been building truck mounts for
      Sunbelt for 33 years.

      Judson was the ultimate entrepreneur. He started many businesses throughout his
      lifetime which included: Cycleworld which consisted of 14 motorcycle dealerships; FBO
      (Fixed Base Operation) which was a flight school, aircraft maintenance, training and
      aircraft sales company; Outdoor World which was South Carolina’s largest boat and
      motor home distribution center; a nightclub and restaurant; and he even had a portable
      toilet business. During his final days he was even designing an electronic cigarette

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