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Cleaning a lampshade may not be the most glamorous task, but it’s essential to keep your lighting fixtures looking their best. Plus, a cleaner lampshade can enhance the light output and create a cozy atmosphere in your space. Here’s a simple guide on how to clean your lampshade effectively.

First, make sure the lamp is unplugged, ensuring your safety during the cleaning process. Next, examine the material of your lampshade. For fabric or paper shades, start by removing any loose dust using a soft brush or lint roller. If there are any stubborn stains, gently dab them with a mild soapy solution or a fabric stain remover. Remember to spot test a small, inconspicuous area before applying any cleaning agent to the entire shade.

For plastic or glass lampshades, use a microfiber cloth slightly dampened with a mix of water and mild dish soap. Wipe the shade gently in a circular motion to remove any dirt or fingerprints. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive scrubbers as they can damage the surface. Once you have cleaned the lampshade, rinse it thoroughly and let it air dry completely before reattaching it to the lamp.

Remember, regular dusting and cleaning can extend the lifespan of your lampshade, keeping it looking fresh and bright. So, don’t overlook this small task in your cleaning routine – your lamps will thank you!


  • Use a dry cloth or a soft brush to gently remove dust
  • For fabric lampshades, use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to remove dirt
  • If needed, spot clean stains with a mild detergent and water solution
  • Allow the lampshade to fully dry before putting it back on the lamp
  • If the lampshade is removable, check the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning


  • Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners on the lampshade
  • Do not submerge fabric lampshades in water
  • Avoid rubbing or scrubbing vigorously, as it may damage the lampshade
  • Do not expose the lampshade to direct sunlight for long periods, as it may cause fading
  • Do not use excessive force when handling the lampshade to prevent bending or breaking

Step 1

Carefully remove the lampshade from the lamp and place it on a clean, flat surface.

Step 2

Use a soft brush or a lint roller to remove any dust or debris from the lampshade.

Step 3

Fill a basin or sink with warm water and a small amount of mild detergent.

Step 4

Gently submerge the lampshade in the soapy water and agitate it to remove any stains or dirt.

Step 5

Rinse the lampshade thoroughly with clean water and gently squeeze out any excess water.

Final thoughts 💭

Regularly cleaning your lampshade not only helps maintain its appearance but also prolongs its lifespan. By following the steps mentioned above, you can effectively remove dust, dirt, and stains from different types of lampshades. Remember to always check the manufacturer’s instructions before using any cleaning products or techniques. With a little care and attention, your lampshade will continue to illuminate your space beautifully for years to come.

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