How to Clean Golf Clubs




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I used to dread cleaning my golf clubs after a round, but I’ve discovered a few simple tricks that make the process a breeze. First, gather all your clubs and a bucket of warm, soapy water. Make sure the water is not too hot, as it could damage the club’s finish. Then, grab a brush with medium bristles and start by wetting the head of each club before gently scrubbing away any dirt or debris.

Once you’ve cleaned the heads, focus on the grooves. These tiny indentations are what help you achieve spin and control on the course, so it’s crucial to keep them clean. Use an old toothbrush or a groove brush and run it along the grooves, being careful not to apply too much pressure. Rinse each club with clean water and dry them thoroughly using a towel or cloth to prevent any rust from forming.

Next, it’s time to clean the grips. Give them a quick wipe-down with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or oils, and then use a mild soap for a deeper clean. Rinse them off and pat them dry before moving on to the shafts. To clean the shafts, dampen a cloth with soapy water and wipe them down from top to bottom. Pay special attention to any spots with stubborn dirt, and give them an extra scrub if necessary. Finally, wipe the entire club down with a dry cloth to remove any excess moisture. By following these steps regularly, you’ll not only keep your golf clubs in top condition but also improve their performance on the green!


  • Use warm soapy water to clean the clubheads
  • Gently scrub the grooves with a brush or toothbrush
  • Dry the clubheads thoroughly after cleaning
  • Use a mild abrasive to remove stubborn dirt or debris
  • Store the clubs in a clean and dry environment


  • Do not soak the clubheads in water for extended periods
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals or solvents
  • Do not scrub aggressively, as it may damage the clubheads
  • Avoid exposing the clubs to excessive heat or direct sunlight
  • Do not store the clubs in a damp or humid environment

Step 1

Clean off excess dirt and debris from the club head using a brush or towel.

Step 2

Fill a bucket or sink with warm, soapy water and place the club heads in to soak for a few minutes.

Step 3

Scrub the club heads with a brush or sponge to remove any stubborn dirt or stains.

Step 4

Rinse the club heads thoroughly with clean water to remove any soap residue.

Step 5

Dry the club heads completely with a towel and store them in a dry, clean place.

Final thoughts 💭

Regularly cleaning your golf clubs is essential to maintain their performance and prolong their lifespan. By following the simple steps outlined above, you can keep your clubs in optimal condition. Remember to remove any dirt or debris, soak the heads in warm soapy water, scrub with a soft brush, dry thoroughly, and apply a protective coating. With consistent cleaning and care, your golf clubs will continue to perform at their best, helping you achieve great shots on the course.

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